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Elisabeth seated on a raised pond in her garden

Who am I?

My name is Elisabeth. I live in Bristol, a city in the southwest of the United Kingdom.

My Family

My Parents died some years ago

I have three siblings.
In 1974 I married, but was widowed five years later. Nowadays, I share my home with my black cat


After a year at a village primary school, I was sent away to be educated. I left my second boarding school at seventeen with no qualifications. Because of my multiple impairments I was not expected to work, or to live independently. Stumbling back into formal education aged twenty seven, I eventually went to university at thirty one, and graduated from The University of Warwick, in 1979.


I can’t remember when I started writing. I know, I was taught to read by a neighbour, before going to school.
I Always enjoyed making up stories. I used to relate them to my younger sister, when we were supposed to be sleeping. Those tales concerned some mischievous fairies who lived at the bottom of our garden.

People didn’t usually asked me what I was going to do when I grew up, but the odd adult who did was told, “I’m going to write books.”
Graduating at thirty four, and having recently been widowed, I needed to get a job and begin to earn a living. So for the next thirty years I worked, in turn, for two Universities, and two Local Authorities. Writing endless reports, and lots of training materials, (the latter often taking the form of short sketches, designed to illustrate the ways in which disabled people, members of different racial communities, women, older citizens and gay and lesbian peoples are discriminated against). My work left little time for my own creative writing.

Then in 1992 a Blind poet I knew, rang up and invited me to join a series of workshops he was running for disabled poets. Reluctant, I kept repeating, “I don’t do poetry. I only write prose.” Dennis was persuasive though, and in the end. I agreed to go along.

To my surprise, I discovered, that I loved writing poems, and I appeared to have a talent for doing so.

In 1993, my first Sonnet was published.

This was not my first success though; aged nine/eleven I had the heady experience of having a poem and a short story accepted by a children’s magazine. You can read the poem here,Juvenilia

Now I am writing my first novel. Tiny morsels of which may appear on this site from time to time.